What Is The Average Firefighter Salary?

If one is looking for information on the firefighter field, one question stands at the top of the list. What is the average firefighter salary of a full-time firefighter? First Location will greatly effect how much they get paid, with some offering high salaries while some locations offer below average salaries. Larger cities will offer more pay than small towns or rural areas. On average firefighters get paid fairly good.

In the united states the average firefighter salary is 45,000. The job also comes with benefits which include medical, dental, vision, overtime, vacation, paid holidays and are covered by pension plans, which usually offer a retirement plan of 25 years of service. Although ones motivation for seeking a career as a firefighter isn’t a high salary it’s best to know which factors will effect and have the greatest influence on their salary and help future firefighters make the best decisions about their careers.

Education plays a role if one wants to be promoted since most department require an associates or bachelors degree in fire science or related fields. Having one of these degrees along with EMT and paramedic certification will effect salary and open up broader employment and advancement opportunities. Although education is one way to advance higher in the hierarchy ladder it’s a combination of experience and passion for public safety that outshines all other monetary concerns.

Average beginner salary – Firefighters with less than one year experience ranged from 29,000 to 44,000. and with one year to four ranged from 31,000 to 47,000

Average experienced salary – Firefighters with four to nine years of experienced ranged from 35,000 to 56,000 and those with twenty plus earned 49,000 to 76,000

USA national average firefighter salary – 45,000

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