What are The Physical Demands Of Being A Firefighter?

If you want to be a firefighter, you have chosen a noble profession. You have the opportunity to save lives and work with a bunch of men and women who will become your family. Firefighters report that they can trust their fellow professionals with their lives and often do. The demands on their bodies, however, are intense. This is not a profession suited for a overweight person.

It might sound discriminatory, but the reality is, the physical demands of being a firefighter are high, you have to be fit and strong – which is why it is a field dominated by men. If you suffer from asthma, an existing back problem, or a heart condition, this is not a job to pursue, no matter how much your heart wants to help your community. If one really wants to pursue this hazardous profession you will go through rigorous training,

Here’s an example of the Firefighter physical requirements, There are a series of exams which involve climbing and lifting before you are hired. You could be required to carry a limp and seemingly lifeless body or a child from a burning building when you are at the scene of a fire. Your protective clothing will weigh plenty to start with. Add the heat you will be enduring as you fight the fire and your body has to be capable of meeting these demands under pressure. The hoses are especially heavy and even without injured and unconscious people to tend to, you will regularly be required to control this beast which, when it is spurting water several gallons per minute, is extremely heavy and hard to control.

Exams for entering are just part of how your physical abilities are measured. Firefighters, once trained and hired, must retain their physical strength in the long term to be capable of doing their jobs effectively without endangering anyone else. In spite of their fitness levels, injury is common.

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